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Please contact our clinicians for information about current fees. Our fee is due in full at each meeting. Appointments are generally 50 minutes long. Longer sessions may be arranged, if desired, for a prorated amount.

Sliding Scale Fees

Because we believe in offering services to people with diverse financial circumstances, we do reserve several slots for people who require a lower fee. If finances are a concern, please discuss it with your therapist before your first appointment. If we are unable to accommodate your financial situation, we will be happy to provide you with referrals.

Victim Witness

We provide psychotherapy to victims and witnesses of violent crime through the Victim Witness Assistance Program. If you are eligible for these services, the fees for your sessions will be covered by the Victim Witness Assistance Program. When you contact us, please have your application claim number ready. For more information about this program and your rights as a crime victim, please contact the Victim Witness Assistance Program directly.


Therapists at Weir Psychological Services are not currently on any insurance panels. Some health insurance policies provide coverage for “out of network” mental health treatment. Also, some insurance policies may have a deductible that must be met before the insurance benefit begins.

We encourage you to consider several factors when deciding whether to pursue insurance reimbursement for services, including potential financial benefit as well as privacy. To receive the financial benefit of reimbursement, many insurance plans require personal and medical information to be shared with them. They also may require the client to have a mental health diagnosis, and may limit services to those which they deem to be “medically necessary.” It is important for you to talk with your insurance company about these factors so that you fully understand your choices.

Our services are provided and charged to you, not to your insurance company, so you are responsible for payment for each session at the time it is held. Although your insurance company may provide reimbursement for psychotherapy sessions, it will likely only only reimburse you for a portion of the fee you have paid for services, and likely will not reimburse you for fees paid to us for other professional services. These include but are not limited to phone calls, insurance reviews, and correspondence with other professionals, such as psychiatrists. Please note that insurance company reimbursement occurs after you have paid for clinical services.

At the outset of therapy, it is important for you to find out exactly what mental health services your insurance company covers by asking them:

  1. whether or not they pay for “out of network” providers, and

  2. how much they reimburse

If you decide you would like to pursue out-of-network coverage for services, we will be happy to provide you with a monthly statement that includes the information you may need to receive these benefits.

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