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Articles About Developmental Trauma Disorder

  1. Proposal to Include Developmental Trauma Disorder in the DSM-V (pdf article)          

  2. Developmental Trauma Disorder: Toward a rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories  (pdf article)

Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Edited by Christopher Germer, Ronald Siegel, and Paul Fulton

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Private Practice

Thomas Marra, Ph.D.

A Practical Guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Steven Hayes and Kirk Strosahl

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Georg Eifert and John Forsyth

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.

Matthew McKay, Jeffrey Wood, and Jeffrey Brantley


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