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People come to therapy for many different reasons. Often, people feel stuck in some aspect of their lives and despite their best efforts have had a hard time getting unstuck on their own. We collaborate with clients to help them to better understand themselves, transform unhelpful patterns, overcome insecurities, and increase feelings of well-being.

Some of the most common reasons people seek therapy include wanting to:

  1. heal from traumatic or painful events

  2. deal with life transitions (school, jobs, moving, relationships)

  3. handle conflict effectively

  4. learn strategies to manage work or academic stress

  5. change long-standing habits and patterns

  6. reduce mood swings

  7. establish healthy boundaries

  8. experience more joy

  9. feel more confident

  10. clarify their thoughts or feelings on an issue

  11. change they ways their lives are affected by

  12. - anger

  13. - anxiety

  14. - depression

  15. - impulsiveness

  16. - controlling people

  17. - and other challenges

Therapy provides you with a confidential place where you can clarify your concerns, make sense of your past, and, most importantly, identify strategies to change your future. With desire, commitment, some new tools and support, you can have a lasting, positive impact on your life.

Generally when clients decide to work with a therapist from Weir Psychological Services, we agree to meet for a 50-minute session on a weekly basis. Our sessions are usually planned for the same day and time each week.

You’ll find more information about therapy through the links in the box on the left side of this page. Please feel free to click through them.

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