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From time to time, Dr. Weir provides links to diverse gender-themed articles and videos that might be particularly useful or interesting. Many of these articles and videos were used to provide diverse perspectives in the teaching of a Psychology of Gender course.


Out of desperation, North Korean women become breadwinners

When there’s a baby between you and the glass ceiling

What is means to be gendered me. Betsy Lucal

Why women still can’t have it all. Anne-Marie Slaughter, the Atlantic

Why women shouldn’t want to have it all. Keli Goff.

The Story of X. Louis Gould.

Can surgery for intersex babies be justified? Latesha Switzer

What is the agenda of the intersex patient advocacy movement?

The Story

Resisting medicine, re/modeling gender. Dean Spade

What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress? Ruth Padawer, The New York Times.

Saudi Arabia's unsolicited monitoring of women's travels draws activists' outrage. Mohammed Jamjoom.

Progress of the world’s women 2011-2012: In pursuit of justice. United Nations.


Highly Sensitive Boys and Men - An Interview with Ted Ziff

Women who make America: PBS documentary

Lana Wachowski: HRC Visibility Award Speech

black./womyn. Leah on gender/race/sexuality

black./womyn. KIN on...

black./womyn. stacyann on...

black./womyn. helen on...

I am a man: Black masculinity in America

Tough Guise. Violence, Media, and the Crisis of Masculinity.

Inside Pregnancy: Girl or Boy?

Women with male DNA

Gender development and early childhood

Gender roles - interviews with kids

Intersex. Part 1.

Intersex Part 2


Intersexuality: redefining sex, Part 1 of 3

Intersex 20/20 Part 1 of 2

Intersex 20/20 Part 2 of 2

Tony Porter, TED Talk, What does it mean to “be a man”

Sexism, Strength, and Dominance: Masculinity in Disney Films.

The Secret Life of Boys, 20/20. 24 min.

Misrepresentation trailer:

You can’t be a princess

Please note that these resources listed above are provided for informational purposes only.

This agency is not responsible for the claims, content, or representations in these websites.